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Seven unique designs to motorize your world

by threeartadmin

Motorize Designs

Mechanics and engineering have turned our lives around. Making our daily existence so much easier, they’ve banded together to ensure that we waste as little time as possible on the smaller things so that we can concentrate on bigger priorities. Motorizing a gadget or product also spells luxury. Who doesn’t like to see their armchair being moved about with a few clicks of a button or a motorized snooker table that you can take along with you when you’re meeting up with your pals?

Keeping motorization in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the most unique designs that will floor you.

1. Motorized couch

Motorized Couch

Hanging out in your favorite couch has just been given a unique touch. Designed by Mark, this motorized couch lets you relax and wander about at the same time. With a steering and a gearbox that is complete with buttons for the ignition, lights and horn, the couch is designed to make relaxing as easy as possible. The couch rests on a frame with five wheels and a motor. Three inches of iron make it sturdy enough to support four adults and foot rests allow for more comfort. While the couch can’t very well compete with a standard vehicle as it gives just 10hp of power, where else will you find a couch that can ferry you around?

2. Motorized snooker table

Motorized Snooker Table

Love snooker and wish you could take your table to a pals’ place for a night of fun? Then this one is for you. From the designer and creator of the condom and cigarette motorbikes which campaigned for social causes, comes the motorized snooker table car that allows you to drive it wherever you want. Built to official snooker table standards, the motorized snooker table has a 150-cc engine taken from a rickshaw with a top speed of 25 miles an hour. Not bad for something that isn’t exactly a vehicle. Sudhakar Yadav, the brain behind this contraption, has also included headlights, turn signals and collapsible jacks that enable the vehicle to be turned into a conventional snooker table.

3. Motorized barstool

Motorized barstool

If your favorite stool is a barstool and you love your shots, then check out this piece of engineering. Equipped with a 6hp Subaru engine, the motorized bar stool gives a speed of a very decent 30mph. Four wheels make it sturdy enough to move around and the stool even has a can/cup holder for you to place your favorite drink. It comes replete with foot pegs, front and rear lights and a custom seat designed by Psycho Seat Co.

4. Motorized TV lift

Motorized TV Lift

Finding the right height for your television can be tricky not to mention tedious when you decide to watch it from different heights. To solve the adjustment problem, designers have come up with the motorized flat-screen TV lift which can be made to lift and lower TV according to your desire. The lift can be placed behind, against or inside an enclosure. Being able to lower your television out of sight will give your room an illusion of more space too. It has been designed to hold flat-screen televisions ranging from 15” to 40”.

5. Motorized armchair

Motorized Armchair

For those not willing to share their favorite chair, the motorized armchair cruiser is the answer. It is equipped with a stereo inside the couch and a comfy cushioned footrest. Read a book or listen to music and move to your favorite spot by maneuvering the chair. Available for sale, you can even ask the designer to customize it according to your preference. And if you want to share it with a loved one, then you can pay a sizable $7,995 for a gas-powered loveseat. If money isn’t an option, then order a motorized sleeper bed for maximum comfort.

6. Motorized mirage-mirror conceals flat-panel TVs

Motorized Mirage-Mirror Conceals Flat-Panel TVs

A unique concept, the motorized mirage-mirror acts like a two-way screen by concealing your flat-screen television behind a mirror. Able to accommodate up to a 65-inch TV, the unit is available as a wall-mount or a recessed one. There is nothing manual about it and all you have to do to bring out your TV is to press a button on a remote control which reverses the mirror.

7. Motorized plasma screen fireplace

Plasma Screen Fireplace

Another innovative idea, the motorized plasma screen fireplace hides your flat-screen television behind your fireplace when not in use. It is available in lava rock, pebbles and glass marbles. And if you’re worried that the heat generated from the fireplace might affect the TV, breathe easy as it is designed in such a way that the heat is propelled outwards.

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