Toxin free wooden surfboard bears a striking honeycomb pattern

Surfing undulating waves is a mind blowing experience. The gusty winds, swelling waves and blue ocean all around make you feel one with nature. It’s quite a startling fact to know that most surfboards are actually made from artificial materials that are loaded with toxins. This conflicts the culture and values of surfing. But still, manufacturers continue to churn out boards made from such artificial and harmful materials because they are high on deliverance. This happens mainly because it is not possible to make a high performance surf board using natural materials and also the synthetic materials are known to boost one’s surfing experience.

Honeycomb Wooden Surfboard

To combat this dilemma, a savvy New Zealander Mike Grobelny, thought up a new design for a surfboard. The piece is surprisingly made from wood. Oh Yeah! You got it right. Now you can go Eco-friendly even when you are tossing around in rolling waves. Also, the board looks absolutely exquisite. Its honeycomb pattern totally stands out; while it’s coarse exterior represents going back to nature. The woody finish has been retained in the piece. You can see the bows and bends on the wood on the backside of this surfboard. The front looks really snazzy with the honeycomb embedded curvy band running across its width. This is definitely one heck of a dashing layout.

The traditional hand shaping of the boards has been replaced by a cutting edge process, which is something that die hard surfers could object too. Hand shaping does intensify the connection between surfers and their boards. But then, on the other hand, very few surfers end up shaping their own boards. If you are hiring a local craftsman to do work for you, then surely people wouldn’t mind doing away with this small procedure. Also, if you are ready to welcome some novel changes for the better, then you will go with this design.

In addition, the idea to cut out wood using CNC technology is quite innovative as it is usually hand crafted. The CNC technology will also augment the natural properties of wood and this would have been difficult to implement if the product was handcrafted instead. But what’s even greater is the way in which hand crafting has been blended with advanced technology in the manufacturing process of the surf board. This is exactly what designs of today should be trying to achieve but it isn’t that easy to make it happen.

Moreover, the product tries to shun the custom of discarding surf boards and swapping the old pieces with new ones. Something has to be done about this prevailing consumption pattern, which is quite excessive, and has practically become a norm. The board manufactured by Mike, on the contrary, stands for everything against this fast consumption pattern and seeks to take a step in the opposite direction by encouraging preservation of merchandise. The new design is quite different from the existing boards and you will develop a relationship with it and would feel like using it for extended years. Cool and dependable – this is the perfect surf board all ocean crazy junkies have been looking out for.

Via: Core 77

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