Towering gateway with a five star hotel for Ras Al Khaimah

The entrance to any statuesque and deluxe city should be grand and that is exactly what the tall tower proposed at Ras Al Khaimah will do. The towering high rise being planned at the entrance of this city will have a sleek design featuring straight lines and flowy curves. A jaw dropping effect is created when the sharp lines of the upright structure meet its undulating curves. The swirly shape of the building is inspired from the landscape in its vicinity, which comprises mainly of bowed desert dunes and mountains.

Gateway Skyscraper

The building is not only a hallmark gateway but also a plush five star hotel. Its sprawling interiors will wow onlookers. There are lush gardens, soaring palm trees and long winding pools in here. It will not be difficult to find a shaded nook where you can kick back and relax. Residents can enjoy amazing and far reaching views of the surrounding terrain from this lofty tower. The exterior of the building will be swathed with ceramic panels sourced from Ras Al Khaimah ceramics, which is a very well known and reputed supplier of ceramic products.

Hailed as the gateway project for Ras Al Khaimah, the structure will come up at a distance of 150kms from Dubai. In the midst of the muggy desert, a 200m tall tower covering an extensive area of 270000 square meters will be erected. The construction contract has been accorded to the award winning architecture firm, Snøhetta. The extraordinary structure boasts of all the basic amenities like exhibition centers, conference halls and retail zones.

Via: Evolo

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