Top design ideas for backpacks that are too good            

Back packs have been around ever since man started carrying around the knap sack, back packs are the small bags that you carry around on your back and the straps help you to support and adjust weigh across your shoulders. They are initially used while camping, hiking, travelling and were a big fashion trend during the 90’s, today the back pack has changed in designs and style and is still used largely by students, office goers, campers and travelers.


Topo Design back packs;

If you are looking for a neat and simple design, the Topo design bag is the one for you. The Topo Design Company uses this range of bags to revive their old series of back packs meant for out door use and currently consist of two models- the top-loading Klettersack and the classic Day back pack. The bags are available in two colors and both have a yellow liner with red draw strings and zippers. The simple designs of the bags make them suitable for all ages and occasions and for men and women.


Joshu and Vega Organic Canvas Back pack:

This back pack is perfect for minimalists and is also very elegant, not to mention that it is organic, the simple canvas design makes it a timeless one and the stripped down bag allows the materials to show case them selves. The canvas is 100% organic that is cultivated in organic cotton farms in San Francisco and the straps are made from leather that is vegetable tanned.


Freitag Hazzard Backpack:

Freitag is a company that recycles truck tarpaulins and fashions them into a rage of bags like messenger bags, backpacks, wallets and totes. Their new design is the Hazzard Backpack that is created using waterproof tarpaulins and seat belts that have been transformed it to give it that remixed graphic flair.  The bag also has internal organizer pockets, 15, 000 cubic centimeters of space and additional storage pouch for laptops.


Timbuk2 Full-Cycle Amnesia Backpack:

Timbuk2 has launched a line of Full Cycle bags that are made from recycled materials, the Amnesia Backpack has been certified from Blue Sign and has been made from PET and discarded foam padding. It also features a laptop compartment that is lined and can house 17” laptops. It also has a life time warranty and the company will take back fully used back packs and recycle them

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