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Trendy flask designs to carry your distilled beverages

by threeartadmin

Generally flasks are those used to carry beverages hot or cold depending on the drink you carry. The flasks used to store beverages are vacuum flasks, which will keep the contents hot or cold. In our day to day life we see flasks which are normal, there are few designer flasks which have a cool look.

Now let us see a few of the flask designs:

NEC Flask Phones

The NEC flask phones are see-through phones which run on liquid fuel and is also a flask phone that looks like a huge cigarette lighter. This flask phone features a transparent design with touch screen on one side where we can monitor the fuel usage, that is, how much fuel is left. The buttons are also transparent in this flask phone. As the fuel inside it finishes the phone stops working. But the colors of this flask phone looks women friendly and are available only in three colors which are light green, blue and pink. The price of this is currently not available.

Homer Simpson Flask

The Homer Simpson flask is a stainless flask with a set of four stainless steel glasses, where the glasses have common facial expressions of Homer and also some witty lines written on it. The flask shape is a bit curved so as to keep it comfortable in the back pocket. The top cover comes with a screw and also holder so, one can never lose the cap after opening the cap. The image on the container is just not a sticker image, it is a great art work covered with crystal clear enamel to protect the image for a long time. The Homer Simpsons flask is a great gift for alcohol lovers, and they will surely love it. The price of this flask is $24.

Belt buckle flask

The name itself says that it is a belt buckle designed to use as a flask. The weight of this buckle flask is 2 oz which is not that heavy to carry, and is just a bit more comfortable to carry it like a belt buckle instead of placing it uncomfortably in the pocket. It can be removed and placed back easily, and it is easy to have a quick sip. And the price of this belt buckle flask is about $24. So if one wants to carry his beverage easily this is a good one.

Portside Flask

It is a nautical themed, circle shaped flask looking like the wheel of a ship, and has a window glass enabling to look out for how much beverage is left in it. It also resembles a porthole. This flask is made of stainless steel giving a good bright look and it has a glass window in the middle, which gives the flask a stylish and a cool design. The portside flask can carry beverages up to 4 ounces, which is a good quantity for this small flask. At the top it has a screw to open and close making the flask leak proof and secure. And is easy to use and also to clean. This portside flask will also make a good gift for alcohol lovers, as it impresses with it’s cool design. It is priced at $30.

Hammer flask

The hammer flask is a all in one hammer, flask, bottle opener and also an ice crusher. It is a multi-purpose bar tool with a functional hammer and flask. And the storage capacity of this hammer flask is 5 oz which is quite good. It will be easy for alcohol addicts to pretend as if working while having your drink without the notice of your spouse. And this hammer looks like a real hammer and the claw end of the hammer has the bottle opener, which is made of stainless steel. To have maximum grip the handle is provided with rubber gripping, to make it convenient even while handling a wet drink. But this hammer cannot be used as a real hammer for extensive hammering purposes. The price of this hammer flask is $20.

Noir Elegance Flask Set


This flask is created with elegant adventure spirited theme, so the name is given as elegance flask. It is built with real leather and has clockwork bits. The design also comes with the initial of the owner in the model of typewriter keys. And this beautiful design is very much eye catching and it also looks like a women’s purse. The interior of the flask is made of stainless steel, and it is sanitized too. It also has a belt loop attachment, which is removable so that one can place it in his pocket.



Digital Camera Flask

Looks like a digital camera, but it is not, it is a 145 ml flask to hide the beverage. As it has a normal size of a camera, it can be easily placed in pocket or a handbag. This camera flask comes with a belt carrying case and also a funnel for easy filling. And this camera flask is one of the best hidden alcohol flask at present. So this camera flask will be a perfect gift for students and also for people who travel and drink. It is priced at $13.

Skull And Crossbones Poison Flask

The skull and crossbones flask is a unique flask made of aluminum with a screw on the top and clip attached to make it secure. This flask is named as skull and crossbones because of the design which it has on it. This flask can carry up to 14 oz of your favorite drink. And is available in colors; black, red, green and pink and costs about $10. It is perfect to carry at camps at while adventuring.

Nintendo case & Gameboy hip flask

The nintendo case is a box to carry business cards easily, and the box has a stylish design. This box is 4 inch long, 2 inch wide and half inch deep. It is good enough to carry the drink. The price of this is $25.


Binocular double flask


Is it a binocular or a beverage flask? Well, it is a binocular and also a flask! It looks like a 2 decade old binocular, where it has double flask to carry your favorite drink. And it can be carried anywhere like to a concert, a horse race, or to any sporting event where you can have your drink easily. The total capacity of this two cylinders is 16 oz where one cylinder can hold 8 oz of the drink where it is filled by unscrewing the eyepiece of the binocular. It also has a neck strap to hold it on the neck. This a perfect gift for a sports enthusiast who also like to drink. The price of this flask is $20.



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