Technology from NASA being used to sanitize air in crammed public zones

Air purification is a basic necessity in current times. Congested public zones like airports, hospitals and malls are filled with impure air as a lot of people make a stopover at these places day in and out. This drastically increases carbon dioxide levels in the air. In fact, this air could contain disease causing bacteria and virus passed on by others. So, cleansing this air is definitely a priority.

Fresh Air

And it looks like a savvy device created by Italy based industrial and graphic designer Anna Maria Laterza can actually cleanse out this polluted air for you. The device known as Fresh Air makes use of a patented technology developed by NASA, specifically the NASA-TM-101768, and utilizes a combo of technology and nature to cleanse out air. It essentially consists of a conical structure with ivy plants wrapped around its exterior. The basic theme of the device is to multiply interaction between humans and the natural environment using electronic devices like Arduino.

The device applies a simple mechanism to purify the air in its vicinity. It can clean out air present in 40 square meters of space around it. The polluted air is purified using leaves, roots, water and a fan. The air also passes through a dehumidifier slotted in the base. The clean air given out by the plant contains 53 percent more oxygen, thus is really healthy.

As a matter of fact, the device doesn’t just clean air, but also dries it. Apart from the obvious functional benefits, the little planters look really chic standing in any public zone and can greatly enhance the aesthetics of their surroundings. The plant brings in an element of nature into the manmade interiors. In fact, such decorative plants are known to have position physiological as well as psychological effects on people passing by.

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