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Taichung-based Bionic-Arch epitomizes green urban living

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Bionic Arch

Created as a tribute marking the 100th anniversary of the creation of Taiwan R.O.C., the Bionic Arch is a futuristic new concept that will be a part of the Taichung Gateway – Active Gateway City master plan. Commissioned by Taichung City Government, the futuristic arch looks to symbolize the emergence of a new Taiwan, and the developmental accomplishments that the country has garnered over the course of the last century.

The innovative building concept by Vincent Callebaut Architecture looks to usher in an era of green buildings in the country, and seeks to establish the heart of Central Taiwan as a hub for innovative and groundbreaking architecture, modern lifestyle, and a future urban center that could sustain bio-diversity within the metropolitan environment.

The eco friendly tower complies with and surpasses over nine major requirements for a green building defined by law in the country, and allows a seamless integration of the Taichung Gateway Park into its surroundings via environmental interaction merging the building site and the green belt that surrounds it.

The Bionic Arch actively contributes to the development of sustainable-power producing technologies within building via its sky gardens, vertically-located green platforms and eco friendly living areas that facilitate a natural interaction between nature and people living in the building. Bio-tech, botanical technologies as well as regular sustainable energy parameters like wind and solar power help the building achieve an even higher degree of self-reliance.

The new Taiwan Tower thus also becomes a symbol in the ongoing movement that seeks to create awareness about global climate change. The Bionic Arch, by presenting a sustainable and commercially-viable way for integrating modern architecture with buildings that enhance environmental protection, becomes a symbol for urban sustainability and reflects the government’s earnestness in carbon emission reduction and energy saving policies.

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