Table made from dried French bread is slightly tempting

very day, restaurants around the world are forced to throw away tonnes of French bread if they have become too stale to be suitably used in any of the recipes on their menus. Even though this creates a lot of unnecessary waste, most restaurants are forced to do so to ensure that no stale or unusable food ends up being served. However, Studio Gyalik, the noted Polish design firm, has come up with an ingenious way to ensure that stale and dried French bread gets a second lease of life after it has outlived its usefulness as food. The studio has created a unique table made using stale and dried French bread that sends a powerful message about food wastage.

Table made from dried French bread 

The design of the unusual table was inspired by a study that claimed that half the population of Graz could be fed using the amount of food thrown away by homeowners and restaurants in Vienna alone. To create the table, the studio used a number of longer French bread loaves along with a bunch of shorter ones to create a coffee table sized standalone piece. The top of the table sees the loaves of bread aligned perfectly to create a semi-smooth tabletop.

The table was designed to be a part of the The Food Project: The Shape of Taste exhibition to be shown at the MaRT show being curated by Beppe Finessi. Even though the table makes a compelling argument about wastage of food that can be easily avoided, we’re not quite sure using the table would be suitable for use when you plan on serving hot beverages and soups! The exhibition is set to run at the museum from Feb. 9-June 2 where this unique table will be accompanied by a bunch of other unusual food inspired artwork.

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