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Sustainable ‘Square Off’ toy to assist visually impaired children

by threeartadmin

Although all children enjoy playing with toys, getting the right toys for visually impaired children is a challenge as the regular markets do not generally cater to their needs. Usually, visually impaired children face problem in gelling up with other children of their age and toys could prove a great help in overcoming their fear and shyness. New York based industrial designer Kevin Helm has designed a significant toy as a part of a group project, to assist such children. Dubbed as Square Off, this unique toy has been crafted keeping in mind various developmental factors of visually challenged kids.

SQUARE OFF - a toy for visually impaired children

It is a wonderfully designed game with interesting textures, diverse scents and sounds that make it more fascinating. It is basically designed for children between 4 to 6 years if age. Kevin along with his group has designed each and every part and theme of the game with utter care, making it user friendly as well as eco friendly.

Kevin’s Square off is a socially interactive game that allows four to five children engage and concentrate in the game. The main theme is to match the tactile wooden blocks to the corresponding holes in the box, wherein a musical song is played to signal the successful completion. The game helps children to improve their concentration and makes them socially active and responsible. It is safe and easy to use so that child could play it all alone without constant watch out. It proves beneficial in eliminating their loneliness for a while and generates healthy social relations.

The main aim of this project was to develop motor skills, proper coordination and self awareness among children. It not only motivates a child to explore his environment in a healthier way but also encourages a responsible play.

Via: Kevinhelmdesign

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