Surf While You Slurp: Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl Promises Relief for Singles

Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl will make you feel less like a lonely loser

Loneliness is fast emerging as one of the most poignant problems that modern Japanese culture faces today. Long working hours couple with the reluctance of the youth to marry early and settle down into a married life which means that a big majority of the urban population spends a lot of dateless dinners at home with nothing better than a bowl of ramen and TV to keep them company. However, the innovative Japanese refuse to let the depressing situation from getting them down and have come up with a way to make lonely instant ramen dinners look more cheerful for friendless singletons in the county and it comes in the guise of the Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl.


No, no, the ramen bowl doesn’t transform into a beautiful young companion when you pour piping hot instant ramen into it but it does beat the heck out of the average slurp-on-ramen-alone-while-sobbing experience by allowing people to stick their smartphones right at the front of the bowl itself. The slot allows people to view the display on their phones while they lower their faces to eat ramen and broth and allows people to take embarrassing pictures of themselves eating noodles and post it instantaneously to social networks, surf the net, watch movies, listen to sad songs or even have a nice handsfree voice or video chat.

American designer Minnie Ja collaborated with Japanese designer Daisuke Nagatomo to create the bowl as a part of an joint initiative by their design studio Miso Soup Design. At the moment, the bowl is offered in a single design though its makers have not revealed which smartphones will fit the slot in the bowl. The studio has not offered the bowl up for purchase just yet though we expect it to hit novelty stores soon enough.

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