Self sufficient Shenlong Tower to curb pollution and produce fresh water

Hong Kong is one of the busiest ports across the globe, which definitely tags along a few issues like limited fresh water supply, air pollution and restricted land space. Josh Wong, Mikey Nitro, Ini Archibong and Jon Kim have come up with a responsible as well as ingenious construction that will help tackle such issues. Christened as the Shenlong Tower, the awe-inspiring self sustaining skyscraper has fetched a lot of inspiration from the mythical rain dragon in Chinese mythology.

Shenlong Tower for Hong Kong

The iconic tower will solve the problem of limited fresh water supply by making good use of geothermal cooling. This efficient method will help bring down the temperature of the spaces that are placed on the side of the bottom surface of the spirals. These will produce large amounts of water all through the day in turn. The surface area is maximized for condensation by the presence of the triple helix construction. It will also create a passage that will allow water to travel till the collection area.

This condensed water will also help curb air pollution by imitating a natural cleansing process that is seen during rainfall. It will collect air particles, chemicals and toxic pollutants, before falling on a filter that has been placed on the top surface of the floor. This step will easily separate pure water and pollutants. The Shenlong Tower will float on a water surface, which means it will not even consume a single inch of land space. This will easily handle the shortage of land space in an ingenious way.

The self sustainable structure will generate its own energy with the help of a multi layered skirt. It will use water currents as well as also energy produced when boats arriving near the dock apply breaks. The Shenlong Tower is oozes eco friendliness, which will solve multiple purposes and make Hong Kong a much greener place.

Via: Inhabitat

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