Stylish and unique baby carriages

Baby carriage is an important and essential item for every parent. A correct baby stroller is very crucial to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety. This is also a part of taking care of the baby. You should consider several details like the fabric and the breaking before getting a baby carriage. Here are five attractive baby carriages for you.


Retro Baby Carriage:

If you have a special liking for retro things, this Italian baby carriage will be a perfect choice for you. Designed by Giordani Bambino, the amazing baby carriage has a 1950 based look and is very good to protect your baby from people unnecessarily disturbing him, especially if you are a celebrity. The carriage costs $2,200.


Bike Baby Carriage:

This is a fabulously designed carriage as it allows you to carry your baby in the most stylish way while you can also have a ride around the town at the same time. The bike carrier makes it easy to bring the goods from the market and can bear up to 80 kg of weight. This carrier could be yours at a price of £3,150.


The Monster Baby Carriage:

This baby carriage is the invention of Elmer Presslee and is an icon of monstrosity carved with acute attention. The baby’s sitting position is such that it sits up on the Cyclops making its eye popping out. You can explore Elmer Presslee’s website if you are in search of more such nightmare creations.


Samsonite’s Traveler Baby Carriage:

This is a travel suitcase combined with baby carriage. This stroller was primarily designed for a competition based on the theme of travelling along with children and toddlers and without doubt, it won the competition. Stroller is a smart looking suitcase that can be easily converted to a foldaway baby stroller. You can manage your luggage effectively and at the same time carry your baby comfortably with the help of this unique baby carriage.


Eco-friendly Baby Carriage:

With the concept of environment friendly becoming popular, the concept has not remained confined to adults but has also reached at the child level. This amazing baby stroller by a Japanese student is completely made of eco-friendly materials and uses solar energy as its power supply that might be used to run baby toys.


Here are some creative baby carriages and strollers that are designed such that they provide you with pure fun and eliminate the boredom of your walks with baby.

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