Strata- the helping hand

Designer Stephen Lynn has invented an assistive walker especially for the senior citizens and people who have difficulty in walking. The walker holds the name Strata that is composed of aluminum tubes and the top half is formed from over molded plastic, being lightweight and durable. Having a unique shape and sensory effect, the walker helps in promoting independence to individuals at home.   

Working of the device

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Strata helps people stand and sit comfortably using a support. The initial step is to place the walker in front of the user and then by planting both hands on the contact points present on the lower side, users can lift themselves up and while sitting they just need to slowly push themselves back towards the edge of the seat. Moreover, the users can adjust the top handle, with the help of clasps, up to six inches depending on their height. Strata have wheels present in the front that allow it to move freely in all directions thereby increasing its maneuverability and the compact size allows an easy access through tight spaces. In addition to this, strata come with an attachable surface made of plastic that can be attached to the top bar. Users can use this surface for keeping plate or book etc. according to their need.

Delivers independence to the users

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The smart walker helps the users to perform several tasks on their own without being dependent on anyone and arouses confidence in them to adopt mobility as a challenge rather than sacrificing the daily activities. The compact and elegant design of Strata blends with the home environment and makes the users comfortable and independent enough to carry out their day-to-day tasks.

Strata is an assistive device that helps senior citizens and other people incapable of sitting and standing to move independently on their own thereby building up the confidence.

Source : Jamesdysonaward.Org

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