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SRT concept would revolutionize snow rescue transportation

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Having the proper rescue transportation for snow sports is an absolute priority for ski resorts and winter sports destinations. However, most exiting snow sport rescue transportation solutions offer only basic services and do not accommodate rescue personnel of various heights and weights and also do not offer the injured sportsmen adequate protection from bumps on the terrain. These rescue vehicles do not allow rescuers to carry the injured sportsperson’s gear which has to be picked up later by other ski patrollers. To make snow sports rescue services more efficient, designer Polapat Bhiromkaew has created this all new Snow Rescue Transportation concept that could prove to be invaluable in critical situations.

Snow Rescue Transportation (SRT)

Suitable for use in all snow sports terrain and weather conditions, the SRT helps ski patrollers in rescuing and transferring injured sportspersons faster and more comfortably than current models do. The device is made to be easy-to-use for ski patrollers and also to protect and ensure the safety and comfort of the injured. The SRT comes with a special ergonomic handle that is comfortable for ski patroller while a splash guard prevents snow from splattering over injured when the vehicle approaches and brakes near them.

A specially designed back-support helps ski patrollers in operating the device even in the harshest weather conditions, which can be absolutely critical in extreme weather conditions or when the rescue team attending to a resort or sports event has to respond to a lot of incidents over a short period of time. The vehicle also features an innovative brake system that creates traction on the surface of the snow or ice to make braking easier. The SRT also comes with a blanket holder and a fabric handle that can seal the blanket inside securing it over the injured to prevent further expose to cold air or snow.

The sportsperson’s snowboard or skis can easily be accommodated into the rack to ensure that other ski patrollers do not need to be sent out for them. One of the main attractions of the SRT is its effective suspension that prevents the injured from any sustaining secondary injuries while being transported over bumpy snow or ice. The SRT is also fitted with an emergency light to allow rescuers to locate the injured and travel back and forth safely even in the dark, while a rope holder helps keep the tail rope of the rescue vehicle in place.

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