Sporty Supaheroe cycle jacket for a safe and stylish ride

Cycling gear should be rugged to keep you out of harm’s way. So this nifty piece, which fits in many more functions apart from just keeping you safe, will leave cyclists awestruck. The cozy jacket does more than just protect you from the gusty wind and biting cold. The smashing piece is tough and fits in functions that make biking swiftly safe and easy.

Sporty Supaheroe cycle jacket

Let’s put across the basics first. Made from organic cotton wool, the jacket is layered with water proof fabric. Despite its thickset stitch, one can breathe in it comfortably. Also, the fabric is stretchable thus allowing for easy mobility. The dapper looking piece comes in a beige tint. LED circuits with white webbing are patched on the arms and torso giving it a suave touch. The front panel flashes a white light while the back of the jacket scintillates in red.

Loaded with wearable circuit boards, about 64 RGB LEDs have been fitted on it. The hi-tech features keep a tab on the movement of the biker when they are riding. The gyroscope and acceleration sensor display information about any movement on the jacket for others to read. The LEDs at the back flash red when you brake and flicker only on one side when you go sideways.

The jacket also has a smartphone call alert for those who don’t want to miss taking important calls while they are spinning around. This alert system lights up the screen and activates the sensors as well as the LEDs. The cool and handy piece for cyclists is a creation of the Utope Project, which is a conjoint effort of the circuits division at Fraunhofer IZM and designer Wolfgang Langeder. No word on the pricing yet but the jacket will definitely hit the market this year.

Via: Gizmag

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