SnowXu foldables: Snowshoes that can fold

Snowshoes remain an absolute necessity for the places that experience heavy snowfall. However, for most of the people these shoes are a burden owing to their huge size and heavy weight. Recently, James Page has come up with a new innovative version of snowshoes called the SnowXu foldables. These shoes are special because they can be folded and stored in a small space, unlike the other snowshoes. SnowXu foldables are suitable for all kinds of recreations, adventures, rescue works, hunting, mountain climbing and many more activities. They provide great comfort and are totally safe to use.

SnowXu = Foldable Snowshoes

SnowXu foldables are lighter than all other conventional snowshoes available and each shoe weighs less than 2 lbs. They can be easily folded and carried anywhere you want. Carrying SnowXu foldables is very easy, as it can even fit in a back pack. Moreover, these shoes are very safe, durable and comfortable even for those people who weigh up to 250 lbs. Made from aircraft aluminum frame, these shoes are strong enough to give a very good clearance and stability while walking in the snow. Wearing these snowshoes is also easy, as it has only one buckle that keeps them securely tied to any kind of footwear. Suitable for both men and women, SnowXu foldables is a perfect choice for the whole family. What more? If you ever have a problem with these shoes, you can easily get them fixed by the manufacturer. Isn’t that great?

So, don’t wait. This winter, buy these amazing pair of snowshoes for your whole family and get ready to explore the world anytime and anywhere.

Via: Kickstarter

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