Smell time with the amazingly designed Fragrance Bomb

What if you come to know what the time is by smelling a certain kind of fragrance? Sounds weird! But, it is very much possible with the awe-inspiring Fragrance Bomb. Don’t worry the product is not a bomb that will explode, but is a clock that explodes various kinds of fragrances instead of blaring and sharp tones when the alarm is set.

Fragrance Bomb

The concept design is only one of its kind and will make sure that people don’t have to look towards the clock again and again to read time, as different types of smells will intimate a person the time of the day so that they can act accordingly. The clock looks has a cylindrical form and one side is perforated to expel various kinds of smells, while one surface has a display that will show time in a digital format.

Fragrance Bomb

Fragrance Bomb has been crafted out of plastic while the handle has been made using aluminum. The screen is touch sensitive and will be used to set the alarm time. The clock can be filled with cans of gas, which can be replaced when exhausted. The astounding Fragrance Bomb will let out smells like that of a food when it is dinner time and a sweet scent when it is time to meet your sweetheart.

Fragrance Bomb concept is bound to fetch a lot of attention as it will change the way we see a clock.

Via: Cargo Collective

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