Sip coffee and rent a bike for a quick ride at the Bicycle Club

NL Architects, based in Amsterdam, has come up with an incredible design that will answer all the needs felt by cycling enthusiasts in a city space. Christened the Bicycle Club, it will be situated in Hainan, China, and is a multipurpose bike pavilion.

Bike Pavilion

The place will be dedicated to all the bicycling fanatics, which will further accelerate the love for this great sport. The pavilion will help bring people together and let them sweat out together in a cool way. The bike pavilion will also comprise of a cafe (placed in the center) and is being built as a part of the resort development that the Dutch firm has undertaken in China. Keeping the tropical temperatures in mind, the company thought of giving the project a roof that will provide shade but won’t look like any other regular construction. This is how they decided to give the roof a curvy and fenced off velodrome.

The rooftop cycling area will have a breezy cafe at the ground level, which will be enclosed by glass. The curvilinear roof looks somewhat like a pagoda. Safety issues won’t rise as the presence of a fence lining inside the curve makes sure no cyclist comes crashing down as people sip coffee downstairs. If you feel like going for a ride when you are done chilling out, then hire a bicycle and paddle your way to good health and some fun. Bicycle Club is pretty impressive and is bound to inject some doses of adventure in to everyone visiting the place as they feel the itch to hire a bike.

Via: Bustler

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