Shellpack Anti-theft Backpack to protect your assets from Subway thieves

Anyone who has ever traveled on a Subway or a Metro knows that traveling the same route at roughly the same time each day of the week makes you a wide open target for subway thieves and pickpockets who can make off with your wallets, phones and anything else you might think may be safer in your backpack than in your pockets. However, the Shellpack Anti-Theft Backpack is one such luggage carrier that can help protect your valuables from petty thieves that prey on unsuspecting commuters using public transportation.

Shellpack: Anti-theft backpack

The “Shellpack” is made out of rigid carbon fiber, hard enough to stop a knife cutting through, with steel cable reinforced straps. Electronics in the bag and in the straps allow music players to be placed inside and music controlled from exterior buttons, preventing pickpockets from seeing where valuables are. Proportions and elastic properties of the bag alter users’ behavior to prevent them from taking out valuables during their commute.

Created by designer Russel Tucker, the Shellpack Anti-Theft Backpack is targeted at the relatively tech savvy white collar office worker who uses public transport for their daily commute to and from work. Since this kind of a person is more likely to carry a range of portable personal gadgets like mp3 players, cell phones, USB modems, tablet PCs and other portable electronic accessories in their backpack every day, they become a prime target for miscreants. The Shellpack Anti-Theft Backpack is constructed using straps made with steel cable reinforced material and a rigid carbon fiber body shell that is impossible to cut through with a knife or snatch away from the wearer’s back.

To make the backpack more user-friendly, the bag comes with an ergonomic design that prevents the users from taking out their valuables aboard public transportation. However, they can still make use of their music players via electronic controls placed along the exterior of the bag.

Source: Russel Tucker Design

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