Scallion skyscraper gives sustainable nourishment to the tropical architecture

More and more architectural designs are taking off from nature inspired forms. One latest addition to this set is the Scallion skyscraper. The form of this high rise has been deduced from the Scallion plant generally found in coastal regions. The unique feature of the plant is that its roots spread out deep into the sea for its nourishment needs. The shape of this skyscraper has been drawn from this stretched out form of the coastal plant.

Scallion skyscraper

As the design is grabbed from a coastal plant, this unique high rise has also been crafted especially for tropical climatic conditions. Its outline will really suit places located between the Tropic of center and Tropic of Capricorn. It is also a good design for coastal areas. Furthermore, most of these areas are known to be windy. So, accordingly, the fluid and curvy design of Scallion skyscraper will also minimize the flow of air greatly.

Cutting edge construction technologies and architectural inventions have been deployed to make this building. It practically reaches for the sky and holds a residential area as well as recreation spots within. The main body, which coils into an airfoil shaped surface that faces the sea, is where the residential wing is located. While, the roots that extend out from the towering frame accommodate the leisure facilities like the green island and the yacht club.

Moreover, the entire structure is roiled in hi-end and luxurious amenities. There is a pool on the roof that doubles up as a helipad. The bottom floor of the pool can be lifted above by three hydraulic jacks in just two minutes to reveal a helipad. The yacht club boasts of a lavish hotel and a boat berthing facility. On one side, there is also a sea resort from where you can enjoy the scenic view and relax in harmony.

As if this wasn’t enough, the gigantic and marvelous structure has also been outfitted with sustainable technologies. The wind turbines can produce1500 kWh of power. The RED Solar shaded balcony, which that has about 30 high quality solar panels, can generate 1400 kWh of energy. The top of the wind gate holds a solar water heater which supplies warm water for showers, baths and other needs. This awe inspiring structure has been designed by an Iran based product designer, Pouyan Mokhtarani.

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