The Salt Tower, an effort to create the energy efficient archetype

On the coast of Montenegro is situated a small town named Budva. This town has recently provided inspiration to design an energy efficient tower called the Salt Tower. The name aptly goes with the purpose of this multi storied man-made marvel. The tower, unlike its rectangular counterparts, takes the shape of a crystal. This tower is designed by Enforma and AIM Studio. The surroundings of the tower are strictly kept under consideration. The tower matches the nearby areas like the old town, Sv. Nicola Island as well as the vast Mediterranean. It rewards breathtaking views from its location. The analysis of the location as well as the possibilities offered by it to the users is, thus, carefully done.

Salt Tower

The environment of the place gave way to the design of this spectacular masterpiece. When it comes to designing any building, an architect is expected to have a broader perspective. This can be clearly seen in the Salt Tower. Even though it one of a kind, it totally sets in with the area. Also, this tower is functional as it provides commercial and residential benefits. The ground floor and mezzanine are directed inwards which makes the space reclusive. On the other hand, the floors above are demonstrative and much exposed to the environment.

Higher above, there are cascades and terraces that offer mesmerizing views of the endless Mediterranean. The village of Pastrovici has houses sloped towards one side. This also offers inspiration to the giant tower as one-sided slopes can be seen in it too. The ground resembles a matrix. The interior and exterior structures are made to overlap. There are various facilities found in the building such as spa with gym, massages, sauna and swimming pool and also restaurant, bank and kindergarten that are present. Thus, it becomes a commercial hub. The local residents as well as outsiders are welcomed.

Man has always wanted to do the impossible. Creating marvelous buildings have been one of the mankind’s most meritorious endeavors. The Salt Tower at Budva is an epitome of such marvels.

Via: Archdaily

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