Rich and snug condo on Jeju island holds a cocoon house inside

Inspired by the protective instincts of animals who hide inside a cocoon when they have to guard themselves, architecture organization Planning Korea based at Seoul, came out with an extraordinary design. The layout that incorporates a cocoon at the center of the house also takes inspiration from the volcanic topography of Jeju island. The artsy eco structure of the round shaped cocoon is located inside a seaside condominium constructed at the self sustaining business resort known as UNESCO Heritage Jeju Island.

Cocoon House

To mimic a live cocoon, the circular windows of the round shell, open and close depending on the temperature and humidity in the surroundings. The lines transcending from the floor to ceiling are kind of obscure, which gives a free flowing and mystic element to the space inside. The high point is the air pocket swimming pool which lets you enjoy your natural surroundings. The structure also has small library, roof garden and a landing space.

The deluxe amenities provided inside are mind blowing. The ground level has zones at three different heights. The zone with the highest floor height is the courtyard, which divides the living area and the round shaped kitchen. Just near the living room is a conference zone. The master bedroom is quite private as it is segregated from other rooms. The interiors are top notch and really plush. However, the 308 square meter house is still in construction and will be completed by 2015.

The hi-end condo is situated in Gotjawal Village in Jeju Airest City, which is a lavish and large resort development space. Gotjawal is actually a unique forest on the volcanic island of Jeju. The zone houses facilities like a casino, hotel, medical center and a shopping mall. The condominiums dubbed as the “Creative Business Leisure City” are a new concept and have a relaxing ambiance.

Via: Archdaily

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