Remarkable examples of lightweight house construction

We do not come across a lightweight house that has qualities like being sturdy, compact, efficient, and low-impact very often. Here are five amazing designs of lightweight houses that are unique and innovative in many ways.Floating House by MOS Architects

Floating House

The Floating House can be seen serenely moored to an island on Lake Huron, Canada.  Designed by MOS Architects, this double storey house actually has steel pontoons that support a floating platform.  The unique design is perfect for enjoying the pleasant scenery from the large doors and windows.  Furthermore, the cedar outer covering is perfect for merging with the natural surroundings.


The Treehouse

Andreas Wenning of Baumraum has the knack of creating something that involves leisure around trees and he has built The Treehouse in collaboration with a big paper manufacturer so that he could highlight the concerns of conservation and sustainability.

The Treehouse has two cabins at different levels above the ground, and each has its own open terraces.  The Treehouse also has a kitchen, a toilet and running water.  Being supported by 19 steel stilts, this home does not impact the area.

Blooming Bamboo House

Blooming Bamboo House

One of the common issues that are a huge detriment to the housing industry is flooding. H&P, a Vietnamese organisation has built a prototype for a flood-proof house that is nearly made entirely of bamboo. The base of the house is a pinwheel that has small projections, which can double up as open terraces equipped with sunshades. The house has been designed in such a way that it can keep away flooding waters up to a height of five feet.

Máquina 1 house by Adhoc

Máquina 1

Inspired by a camper style of living, the Maquina 1 is more of a housing unit designed by the Spanish architects at Adhoc. The designers wanted to do something more to the industrially fabricated container. The unit, once done, can be connected to electrical and plumbing points to be ready to live in!

Summer House

Summer House

Designed and built by architect Mats Fahlander, the Summer House is seen perched on a fjord and is a low bungalow with a horizontal design, which overlooks the rocky site. The home is made out of timber and various other materials that are maintenance free such as corrugated metal sheets.


Homes, these days, are becoming more innovative, creative, and sustainable. We can live in harmony with the surroundings in many ways, such as building the home with materials that are eco-friendly. These houses are not only lightweight but also possess many other qualities that are much different from the qualities of a home made out of brick and mortar.

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