Relaxation made portable with Mimo

Are you constantly hurt by persistent back pain or sprained knee?  Well, in that case, what can be better than getting a portable solution to provide you relief on the go! Nothing is more relaxing than a good massage. But how will you manage to massage yourself while on the move or in your home? Presenting MiMo! The best feature of this cute little massager is that it’s made out of porcelain. Since the clay can be recycled, it impresses by its environment friendly impact at the very beginning. Also porcelain is obtained from nature; hence it causes no toxic effects on anyone.

Its creator, luxury retail Mima Studio, has created the Mimo on the motto “Love yourself”. After all, it gives you so much of relaxation that you are bound to love yourself. The Mimo serves the dual purpose of giving both hot and cold massages, that too sitting on the comfortable sofa in your living room!

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So how does the polished rock fares better than others. First, its shape is bound to get your attention. Boasting of smooth curvature to enable firm grip, the stone can be placed anywhere thanks to its four legs. They can be applied to any part of the body. There is a cork attached to the lid on the top. Opening the lid, you can add water of varying temperatures. Pour in lukewarm water or ice cold water to get best of both worlds. The healing effect can be felt as the pain subsides and muscles relax.

Presently listed at the Kickstarter to gain backers’ support, the first edition of Mimo will be launched in three different colors: pure white, charcoal black and cream color. Expect more colors to come soon. Mimo makes sure that it is all about delighting and pampering you. Only then you can spread the happiness to others.

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