Reinventing the Cooking Space with Micro Kitchens  

Any chef would vouch that the size of the kitchen has no bearing on the quality of the cooking done inside it. Usually American kitchens are huge and swanky with multiple appliances dotted across, which modern people use rarely. Even the city apartments, smaller in size, waste a lot of space in huge stove-tops, dishwashers and other large equipment meant for larger kitchens. Here are some amazing micro kitchen designs that will help your cooking with a minimalist approach. C=1m2 micro kitchen_1

The C=1m2 is an amazing kitchen that does not require an electrical outlet and a water source. This 550-pound kitchen on wheels designed by Jean-Luc Sifferlin from France is a dream come true for someone who is always on the move. The kitchen is assembled neatly and you can fold it up, once meals are served. This is the ideal kitchen design for loft homes or studio apartments as well as pop-up spaces and offices. Priced at $8, 820, the C=1m2 comes in two different variations, indoor and outdoor. It is portable and can be shifted entirely to another location without the need of setting up a regular kitchen. The portable kitchen comes in a variety of color choices.

Furthermore, French kitchens are smaller as compared to the traditional American kitchen and they have smaller-sized kitchen appliances as well. Traditionally, the French enjoy spacious kitchens and the space is created by the use of regular sized equipment like refrigerators, unlike the Americans who use huge refrigerators that are perhaps the largest in the world.

C=1m2 micro kitchen_2

Most office spaces and homes come without other facilities, other than the usual hardware like sinks and toilets. Clei, an Italian furniture firm has unveiled its mini kitchen that is portable. This kitchen was a surprise element at the Milan Furniture fair in 2013, as this kitchen designed by Massimo Facchinetti is a compact tower that can hold all the basic kitchen appliances. It also has a 15 square foot dining space, herb garden and an espresso machine. This compact kitchen would soon be up in the market and would likely cost around 8000 pounds.

People have now begun to embrace the fact that downsizing is the best possible option to increase the impact of a small home. GE has started on designing appliances that can fit inside a small area, as they are tailored to suit the requirements of a small apartment. It will take some time for people to get used to smaller kitchens and appliances, but this is the best possible solution in an age where space is becoming more and more expensive.


Small kitchens not only save a lot of space in modern apartments that usually cramp for room but also feature a functional design to assist you in quick and healthy cooking.

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