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Putting electrical conductivity of materials to creative uses

by threeartadmin

With technology moving forward each single day, man has succeeded to apply electronic current to flow through various things and this led to the invention of various gadgets. Moving a step ahead, it has now become possible to apply the principles of electronics to items of common use and make them more functional thus making a simple banana an enchanting musical instrument. Read on to know more about six such amazing devices.


Musiclnk: Turning paper into instruments

Yes! You read it correct. This prototype kit has made it possible to turn ordinary paper into a fully functional musical instrument. The kit consists of a carbon conductive paint, stencils and an Arduino Duemilanove board. The painted regions of the paper serve as musical trumpets, guitars, drums with the help of sensors that respond to touch. The board works in coordination with a Smartphone app through Bluetooth.


Conductive Body Paint

Electronics and human body can now be easily synchronized with this unique conductive body paint that enables us to interact with our surroundings. It has been designed by Bare Conductive, and is a completely skin friendly and water soluble, carbon-based ink. The ink can be brushed, stamped or sprayed and reacts to gestures that can be used in various activities like dances, music, fashion, security, military, visual communication and medical devices.


Climate Dress to keep track of CO2 in the air

This innovative dress design that would help you to know about the amount of carbon dioxide present in the air. The information is displayed through LED lights that are incorporated inside the fabric threads. The dress contains yet another device that can be carried on as an accessory and is made by soft circuit techniques.


Bad weather sensing necklace

This amazing collar necklace created out of conductive thread contains built-in LED lights that shine and play “Here Comes the Sun” when the weather is judged as cloudy by the sensors. This is a cute, and perhaps useful device if you want to have quick weather reads of the place you’re in.


Turn everyday objects into touch pads

With the help of the incredible Makey Makey, you can convert common commodities including fruits like bananas and stationary items like pencils into electronic devices like music player and game controller. The amazing technology ends up turning these daily use items into interactive touch pads. The gadget connects to the items through alligator clips and then finally to a computer through USB cable thus turning the object into a mouse or keyboard.


Interactive Wallpaper

Lilypad Arduino, with the help of conductive inks transforms silkscreened wallpaper into interactive touch pads that enables you to see amazing effects on the wall simply by touching it. This can be put to use for lighting the house and in various appliances.


Electricity and electronic connectivity play a huge role in our surroundings and lifestyle. With gadgets and products like these, we can expect their role to go further, and be more useful.

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