Public Boarding School to unfurl a uniquely personal educational experience

In an attempt to give the city of Richmond, Virginia, an all new identity, Kevin Hirth has come up with an exceptional design in the form of the Public Boarding School. Situated on the highest hill, one part will be on the lowest valley.

Boarding School

The school will be situated on a site that has been neglected for quite some time and is surrounded by three emblems that represent various stages of the city. These three comprise of an early plantation home swapped into a church, a concrete radio tower conceptualized by Philip Johnson and a church where Patrick Henry gave a revolutionary speech. The school will be situated midst such icons, where it will form a boundary because of a raised platform. It will have a very strong quizzical appearance, which will be felt when one looks at the undulating forms that run across an out of the site in question.

The Public Boarding School will have a distinctive appeal and will come smothered with a lot of dynamism. It will be nothing like the architectural design we see normally and will stand out. The school will be introduced in the life of students for a brief period of time, but will undoubtedly leave an everlasting impression on their minds. Every student of the city will get to savor the enigmatic experience for a semester, which will be unlike any other traditional American style of learning. The intimate as well as open environment will account for a better interaction with peers.

Via: Sucker Punch Daily

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