Product Design

NERYLE Mobile Zoning Element makes red velvet rope friendlier

Unless you are a globally recognized billionaire like Bill Gates, chances are you have been spited by the red velvet rope at one point or the other in your life. The flimsy scarlet bit of textile that has been the symbol of the difference between the ha

10 innovative ashtrays to dispose of your smoking remnants

All of us love the accessories we own as, they are, not only cool but also, add to the beauty of the person who makes use of it. These cool accessories add colors to our lives and are so adorable and gorgeous that it is pretty hard to ignore them. In th

10 unique guitar designs to find the right chords

Guitar always carried a fascinating aura around itself. It is perhaps the most popular of all the musical instruments known to man, though the drums come close to it. It is one of the few musical instruments which can teach a student what fascinating thin

Seven self defining product designs, literally

IntroductionHow would it be if your speaker looked like a speech bubble, your your book shelf looked alike the word “SHELF” itself or you could pour out milk from a packet itself looking like the letters of the word “MILK”? Excellent idea isn’t it? Well h

self defining product designs,

Eight artistic products made using egg cartons

Everyone knows that eggs are very beneficial for health. But, only a few people are aware about the benefits of egg cartons. The egg cartons can be made useful for satisfying various purposes. Apart from being used as decorative wall hangings, the egg car

artistic products made using egg cartons

Self-righting Alarm Clock concept by David Locke

Inspired by the sleek, 21st century interface of the Apple iPod as well as the classic, traditional face of the sparsely-visaged Out Time Watch by Alessi, this innovative alarm clock concept from designer David Locke brings the best of both the modern as

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