Prefabricated Eco PERCH treehouse offer four guests a low impact hideaway

UK-based architectural firm Blue Forest is the brains behind this eco-lodge concept which is more of a private backyard hideaway than a for-hire modern modular tree-house. Dubbed the Eco-PERCH, the luxury treehouse takes the outdoor setting and marries it to the inside space in a way that provides the organic geometry a natural boost. Featuring full bathroom facilities, the treehouse getaway comes complete with a modern kitchen and has enough space to easily sleep four guests. The prefabricated unit sits perched amongst the tree tops though it can also be made to rest on the earth and stands harmoniously within its environment.


While maintaining a natural woodland feel, the eco-PERCH manages to feel contemporary to users and guests who is what makes the design so iconic and striking. The bold curved shape of the design offers the building a minimum of 15 year life-span and the tree-house has been designed to feature a log storage space and comes with an outdoor deck, cedar roof shingles, groove timber cladding and FSC external tongue.

The treehouse also features provision for gray water drainage, LPG hot water heating system that’s rated “A”, internal softwood doors, low voltage LED lighting, wall-mounted flat screen TV and DVD, a log burning stove, thermostatically controlled heating, double-glazed windows, real wood engineered flooring and other sustainable construction materials that allow the building to be installed within five days.

With separate children’s and adults’ and quarters, the twin tree-top retreats are designed for family living and a canopy walkway joins the two sections of the upscale project. Several rope bridges connect the adults’ treehouse to the three medieval towers in the children’s quarters. An exciting assault course is also offered to the younger guests of the modern treehouse via a zip wire measuring 80-yard and children are also treated to a games room which can be accessed via a secret trapdoor.

The highly-insulated building structure of the eco-PERCH allows the use of a methanol fuel cell, rainwater harvesting system, a composting toilet and harnessing photovoltaic solar energy that transforms the quirky hideaway into an off-the-grid vacation spot. The complete sustainable system makes the holiday home from Blue Forest an even more low-impact alternative for Country Hotels and Boutique Accommodation businesses though the structure already conforms to the UK’s Caravan & Mobile Homes Act.

Much more posh than a cheap log cabin or an ugly, industrial-looking caravan, the unique and attractive accommodation building is also suitable for private estates or private land owners who want to make an addition to their existing accommodations. Depending on specifications, the eco-PERCH will be priced between US$78,800 – US$94,600 (GBP50, 000 – 60,000) and will be officially launched at the ExCel London convention center on May 5th – 13th at Grand Designs Live.

Via: Gizmag

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