Potencia First Aid Kit supplies power to your gadgets in emergencies

The Potencia First Aid Concept by designer Steven Corraliza brings together the first aid kit and an emergency power supply, two items that are the most sought after in case of an emergency or a natural disaster. Since no part of the world is really immune to natural disasters, so having a first aid kit and a source of light close by when disaster strikes can really be the difference between life and death in certain situations. And while we do appreciate the novel thought behind the conception of this product, what we really don’t get is the usage that the designer intends for this product.

Potencia First Aid

Apparently, the designer thinks that when your city’s power lines have been ravaged by a hurricane or the infrastructure is demolished by an earthquake, individuals who work from home or have a serious project deadline to meet would still be more worried about getting their work done on time instead of coping with the massive catastrophe that struck their city. As a source of emergency power supply, the Potencia is a brilliant product that can be used to charge mobile phones and laptops or even power lights when the electricity supply is hit but the designer sadly leaves out the part where he is supposed to elaborate on the virtues of the product’s first aid kit.

The designer says that the Potencia will be powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery storage pack though he doesn’t elaborate on exactly how much power the packs will be able to hold. The good thing about the product however, is that it will be fitted with a sturdy steel like plastic composite material that will have electroluminescent strips underneath it to help it essentially glow in the dark so individuals can easily locate it when disaster strikes.

Source: SC Design

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