The Pearl Opera House is ruled by curvilinear gestures based on ellipses

The Pearl Opera House is an architectural marvel, which is a great blend of historic lines and a modern feel. The Opera house has been structured in layers that will shift between programmatic elements and protective coats. The staggering structure will unfurl a truly blissful experience as the performance of operas will take place in a well designed space, which will exploit modern day computational techniques.

The Pearl Opera House

The round lines of the structure have fetched quite some inspiration from the ellipses. These curvy gestures heavily shadow the whole setup, which includes the basic outline of the Opera to the bridges that help form a connection between the landmass and the island. The Pearl sits nicely inside outer protective layers that form a connection between urban landmass and the island. The oval shaped construction is eye pleasing and helps deliver exceptional sound insulation.

The bridges mark the entry and have a swirling appearance. Both the bridges as well walkways warmly invite the visitors and run along the promenade that circles around the building. This makes it possible to incorporate different programs like conference spaces, shopping areas and restaurants. An all new articulation unfolds as one enters the lobby. The contemporary setup sprinkles magic from the bygone 19th century, which will make visitors slip into the charm of opulent historic creations.

The outside skin comes swathed with white with hints of gold, but as one move inside the rich use of colors will leave them mesmerized with gold ruling the space giving the feel of richness. The Pearl Opera House will leave people enriched with an outstanding experience, forcing them to come back for more.

Source: Sucker Punch

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