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Oral Care Motivator Device helps you stick to your flossing routine

by threeartadmin

It’s a well known fact that no one likes going to the dentist and very few of us actually follow the “brush and floss twice a day” routine prescribed to us. However, if you are one of those rare few who actually take their oral hygiene seriously but skip flossing just because finding the floss container and using it demands a bit more time than they like to spend, then the Oral Care Motivator Device by designer Christopher Santos can help you out.

Oral Care Motivator Device

The device helps people maintain a flossing habit consistently by integrating the floss container in the toothbrush stand itself. Users can set alarm times to remind them to floss in the morning or evening via a flashing light and a faint beep or hit the snooze button to set the alarm for the next programmed time. The unit runs on two AA batteries and can be paired with a Bluetooth device or a smartphone app that can be used to program the device remotely and set an alarm on the smartphone/Bluetooth device itself.

What makes the Oral Care Motivator Device really unique is that it also functions as a floss dispenser that allows users to simply hit a button to release the floss while another button cuts it down to a desired length. After you’re done flossing, the unit dispenses a half inch wick outside to give you a visual reminder to floss next time as well in case you miss the beeping and the flashing light. The compartment below the stand contained the floss spool which can be refilled when you run out. The Oral Care Motivator Device can be programmed individually for up to four users.

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