The OPMOD Battle Mug gets a sleepy sharpshooter his daily cuppa on the job

If there was ever a perfect metaphor for the commercialization of war and a few sick minded people using international political conflict for bettering their bank balances, this OPMOD Battle Mug is probably it! With 3 military spec rails, the mug can be used to mount any of the usual accessories that you can on a rifle, right from lasers to night vision add ons and even telescopic lenses if you wish to eye a donut in a patisserie a few blocks away!


The OPMOD Battle Mug is fashioned out of a 13.5lbs 6061 T6 aluminum block and one of its rails even comes with an AR-15 rifle handle to lend a touch of authenticity to the war-ready coffee mug. The mug is rounded off with a Mil Spec Type III Anodized finish and can even hold a mammoth 24 ounces of liquid that will let you stay hydrated or awake for a few hours or days even.

And like all things military spec and war-like, the mug too is overpriced and costs a mammoth $250 (you could probably get a gold-finished, diamond-studded mug for that amount) but since it’s probably going to be one the most publicized “real man’s mug” this year, you might as well save up and get this for your significant other just so he doesn’t have to feel bad in front of all his friends who drink their beer out of it!

Via: Oh Gizmo

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