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Oil Silo Home: Recycling bleak oil refineries into self sustaining housing

by threeartadmin

The concept

Oil Silos are used to store compressed LPG, which is fully pressurized and water resistant. But, what happens to all those oil silos, once the world runs out of oil? Fret no more, as these can be used for housing purposes. PinkCloud.DK has come up with the Oil Silo Home, which is not only sustainable but also 100 percent self supporting. The structure is not only a great example of reusing existing designs, but is very stable and is easy to assemble/disassemble. It will further reduce the carbon footprint and is a great way of giving a recycled status to silos that have been abandoned. Oil consumption is at an all time high and this is because of the rise in population. The increase in population also means the need of more housing units and recycling oil silos will definitely contribute towards it.

Oil Silo Home

The Inspiration

The inspiration comes from the fact that once the oil level comes to an all time low, almost 49,000 silos will be abandoned and left to die a sad death. These spherical storage containers are quite spacious and can be swapped into multi level buildings. These homes can be powered by harnessing energy from the sun, which is definitely an eco friendly trait. Non renewable sources are being consumed at a fast rate and people are coming up with ideas that use alternate sources of energy. The awareness to save the planet from harmful gases and using thrown away as well as ditched stuff is encouraging people to come up with ideas that use every bit of what is available.

Eco Credentials:

Oil Silos are fully self sustaining units, which have been fashioned in a way that makes them water resistant, bullet proof as well as airtight. The attention grabbing housing options will make apt use of renewable sources of energy. Their spherical shape supports sunlight capture, hence making sure that solar energy is used to the fullest. The passive design makes it energy efficient. The structures come wedged with walls and roof that are green in nature. This further improves air quality and can also absorb carbon dioxide. Solar energy is used to heat the floors as well as water, hence saving electricity. The presence of rainwater harvesting system, superior insulation and photovoltaic panels makes good use of all the available resources and too in an environmentally friendly way.


Living in the Oil Silo Home is very much possible. The housing solution is self sustainable and makes optimum use of solar energy. The walls and roof won’t let water seep in and the structure is very stable. The usage of oil silos will bring down wastage and is definitely a carbon positive design.

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Transform castle home

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Transformed Research Center

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Transformed  Beret Factory

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Transformed vacation home

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