OCO Lamp to illuminate the night sky with its colorful covers

Add a magical glow to your outer living space and make it look like a dream with the OCO Lamp. The attention grabbing garden lamp has been designed by Santa & Cole, a company that specializes in making lighting products and furniture items. OCO Lamp is a garden lamp, which will brighten up the open space of your dwelling when dusk sets in.


The LED lamp has a simple shape, which will lend a charismatic glow to gardens, small terraces and even porches. It will spread warmth and is the very first garden lamp by the company. The lamp will create an ambient atmosphere and will bow down to a variety of lighting demands. The use of LED in the design will consume less power and work for a longer period of time.

The design comprises of a base, which is a stake and can be driven inside the ground directly. Apart from this, OCO Lamp is also available in two additional versions. One features domestic spheres, which will gel well with hard surfaces or grounds and the other has three fastening points that can be wedged on any type of surface. The height of this amazing lamp can be adjusted as per a user’s whims and fancies, thanks to the various kinds of base designs.

The upper part of the design looks like a small drum and has been fitted with LED light. The top of this spherical structure can be fitted with different colored covers. The lamp can act as position light and the residual light will illuminate the otherwise dark atmosphere in a subtle way, depending on the color of cover used. OCO Lamp is a great way to jazz up outdoor spaces in an eye catching way. So, read a book or just connect with nature as light from this LED lamp mystifies you completely.

Via: Causasexternas

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