The New York City Theater brings back the spirit of Broadway

The impressive work by David Vecchi and Emanuela Ortolani in the form of the New York City Theater is gaining popularity. The project is supposed to be a building for mixed usage that will bow down to many requirements and needs. It will also help in promoting the spirit of independent plays and help get back the zing that existed to which Broadway till date is associated with.

New York City Theatre

The New York City Theater project was put on show at the ESA gallery. The building will comprise of a functional theater, offices as well as residences, which vow to solve a variety of purposes. The architects wanted to use the land in a sensible way, keeping in mind soaring land prices in Manhattan. This forced them to come up with a design that will put forward more functions in a single building. Four piers will support and raise the original volume of the theater, which will comprise of mixed use spaces.

Theatrical activities will also be funded by renting or selling out of the real estate units till the time the place doesn’t gain economic independence. The structure will support cultural activities for free. The project will create a real theater system with two blocks, one dedicated to be used as a hotel and the other as residential area. The New York City Theater project has been crafted in a way which will allow a better view as well as exposure.

Via: Archdaily

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