Music is in the air with AirJamz- Air guitar

Rapidly evolving technology is hell bent on promoting healthy lifestyle and better social connections, but where is the fun in that? Bringing fun back to our lives Zivix has launched its latest product into the market via Kickstarter. The Zivix’s AirJamz is a wearable air guitar wristband that automatically converts your movements to music, which plays through your Apple or Android smart phone. For the interested buyers, the company has provided the option of purchasing a MiniJamz speaker that will amplify your music and is an easy to carry pocket-sized amplifier.

Before AirJamz they had Jamstik

Promoting music and fun at the same time, Zivix had earlier released the much acclaimed product JamStik, which was delivered to a large number of their Kickstarter followers. Now they are taking the next step and turning your imaginary air guitar into a realistic air guitar with the AirJamz.


The AirJamz has a wrist band that the user will wear on their wrist and this band has motion sensors that will convert the wearer’s movements into music. The product connects to your Apple or Android phone to play the musical instrument. The company is currently supporting numerous charity foundations with each sell it makes. Another added accessory that comes with your personal wearable air guitar is your pocket-sized amplifier, the MiniJamz.

Rewards and donations

Buyers can choose from a range of reward schemes that the company is supporting on the Kickstarter website. For getting a combined scheme on the AirJamz and MiniJamz the followers will have the $59 deal. All other combination schemes are also on the site. All the people who file a pledge will be regularly updated on the product status by email and can also communicate directly with the company regarding any queries on the product and services.

Source : KickStarter.Com

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