Most creative and amazing doorbells

When you visit to your friend’s house, the first thing that you usually notice is the doorbell. The point of ringing the doorbell is to get your friend down and take you in as soon as possible. There are different types of doorbells available in the market, some sings sons, and some are just sound ding dang. However, you can find different sounds according to your preference and choice. Below we have a list of some funny doorbells for your home.


An enter door bell

If you use computer, then you will definitely understand what it is. In computers when you press the enter key it simply allows you to do what you want to and this is same with this type of doorbell. This is like an ordinary doorbell. However, the design makes a difference and Li Jianye, the designer of this doorbell has different ideas with the ‘Enter’ doorbell.


Piano doorbell

As the tone of the doorbell is not as repetitive and dull as before, it is quite different from piano. A Chinese designer gives us a piano doorbell, which has seven piano keys, which enables your guests to play whatever they like.


The musical doorbell

Mike Skene has taken the old doorbell to a new level by taking inspiration from percussion. This is made up of 13 hand tuned aluminum chimes, which is housed in a sycamore frame. Users can even download new ringtones in seconds straight to their doorbell by using applications, such as iTunes. Moreover, the chimes are interchangeable and can be ordered both individually or in octave sets.


DIY glass doorbells

This is an innovative doorbell, which is designed using wine glasses. This is made for the visitors, especially for those who think every time you get a visitor it is a time for a toast.


Visitor recorder

What will happen if your doorbells become as powerful as a computer? The home visitor recorder is designed to store the visitors, inspired from the plug-in tool that counts the click through rates on websites. It is a safe and a secure solution for your home.


The nuclear doorbell

This doorbell is one of the most amazing one in the history of doorbells as with a push of its wireless button, this starts blinking its light and loudly announces visitors with a cacophony of bothersome sounds.


If you are bored with the ding-dong of the old bells then this is the better alternative for you. You can buy above-mentioned fantastic and funny doorbells to make a great impression on your guests.

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