Most beautiful watch designs

Watches are an essential part of your everyday accessories if not the most important one. Here is a list of the most beautiful watch designs that wooed us.


Most beautiful watch designs

  • Positive/Negative by Frank Gehry for Fossil – This watch tells you the time with a smile. Yes, we didn’t believe it at first either. Frank Gehry has made this beautiful design which is revolutionary in the way that it does not rush you into anything by looking at the time. It tells you when it is half past eleven or eight til twelve. Certainly a milestone in lazy time-telling.


  • Déjà vu by Denis Guidone for Project Watches – This design wooed us with its simple design, artistic simplicity and the psychological manifestations of Déjà vu. Denis Guidone has described  the thought behind the design “…at the same time a memory as the hours and minutes leave a ‘gradient’ in its wake representing both past abd present with the passage of time. Memories overlap creating a déjà vu”.


  • Circles by Tobas Jacobsen and Soren Varming for Pierre Junod – The elegance of this graphic watch makes it a winner. We also love the scratch proof sapphire crystal and the laque white or black dials depending on the color you choose.


  • High Museum by Richard Meier for Project Watches – The design is based on the interplay of space and light with a partially opaque dial and soft-glow button feature. The watch is made of brushed stainless steel and a frosted dial to denote twelve o’clock. IT is available in a stainless steel mesh band and a soft-white colored leather band. It is an iconic piece and one of the original designs of the Building Timepieces Collection. Richard Meier has explained his design as, “..Fundamentally, my meditations are on space, form, light and how to make them”.


  • Free Time by Laurinda Spear for Project Watches – This water resistant unisex watch is a beauty and a unique design in itself. It is available in either a black leather band or a silver color stainless steel band. The design by Laurinda Spear is based on the Sun, it being out focus when we measure time. Instead of dials, there are concentric rings to measure seconds, minutes and hours. Ile planets revolving around the Sun, the three rings move at different rotational speeds and thus indicate time. This is a must-have for any watch enthusiast and collector.

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