Modular YBR Information Booth can be customized as per individual needs

Eliel Cabrera has designed the YBR Information Booth, which will act as an information point for a city. It will come tagged with a lot of modularity, which will further make sure that the booth can be flexibly customized as per individual needs. The simple looking unit can be tweaked as per the character as well as requirement of the city it is erected in.

YBR information booth

The YBR Information Booth comprises of a post, which acts as a central axis. The kiosk is then built by joining various parts around this post that has a height of 3500mm. The post has been fashioned out of cast iron and further is dipped in anti oxidant phosphating primer as well as Oxiron paint. The modular structure can be expanded as and when need arises, which means the information booth will grow with the requirements.

The base of this modular design is like a plate, which is fixed to the ground with the help of bolts and fitted on a concrete block. The central post is fixed with an aluminum frame, which can solve the function of doors or can act as a spot to fit other panels. The outside skin comprises of fluorescent tubes, door made from toughened glass as well as Perspex sheets. The inside can be attached with cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc. as per the requirements. The windows of the kiosk open inwards, and its inside face can be used to keep pamphlets, brochures and maps for tourists.

The roof is a modular frame as well, which consists of various modules that are further fixed to the poster. It has been crafted using reinforced polyester and can be chosen from various finishes. The YBR Information Booth will prove to be a boon for tourists as they will get all the required information in an easy way. It will further impress everyone with its modularity and fully functional features for giving authentic information about the place.

[Cheers Eliel]

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