Mirage makes your hair salon visit more scientific

The Mirage Hair Salon Operation System Concept by designer Akinori Asatomi is a handheld display that allows people visiting a hair salon to keep themselves entertained while they are getting their hair treated or cut. More often than not, visitors at hair salons find themselves being bored out their minds with the only other options being either using their cell phones or flipping through magazines. The Mirage Hair Salon Operation System Concept offers a whole new kind of entertainment to people getting haircuts while providing them with a great new solution to getting the just the hair cut they want.

Mirage: Hair salon entertainment system

The Salon Operation System concept can be synced with the data brought into a salon by a customer so that when a person comes into a salon, they have their customized hair report with them. This allows the hair stylist to create custom looks and suggest treatments more accurately. Customers can also use the system to browse through the profiles of hair stylists and choose the one they like best.

Users can also brows through hair styles and try on virtual hair styles using the augmented reality camera on the handheld gadget. After having selected just the cut they want, they can show it to the stylist for more accurate results. Coupons, special offers etc. can also be availed using the system and customers can also use the system to browse through the locality for restaurants, theaters, etc. just in case they have arrived at their appointment early and the Mirage Hair Salon Operation System Concept can be used to watch movies while a customer is getting their hair done.

[Cheers Akinori]

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