Mantis Design Workstation allows six different orientations to perform tasks effectively

A workstation normally tends to consume a lot of space, which can prove to be a bit of trouble in case there is some space crunch. Keeping modern times and city life in mind, designer Nick Carnie has come up with the Mantis Design Workstation that can be folded away when not in use. Industrial designers need a lot of tools to come up with creative designs and the workstation will effectively bow down to all the needs that crop up to perform a task.

Mantis Design Workstation

Mantis will make sure that each task is carried out in an effective way as it allows six different orientations, which means the design is transformable. It is obvious that the product will not be used 24×7. When not in use, Mantis can be folded into a flat unit. It will only consume 90 mm space as the workstation sticks to the wall. This will free a lot of space that can be used for various purposes or simply when extra space is required. The main hub comes fitted with a button, which when pressed raises the lower surface of the product. The support is operated by the depressed motor, which in turn places the lower surface parallel to the ground. The lower surface takes a sturdy position as it gets locked by the motor and the struts. Mantis gets into a functional mode and can be exploited as an apt location for soft models crafted out of paper or cardboard. The lower surface’s top part can be used while cutting and in turn creating soft models, as it is a self healing cutting mat.

The top part of Mantis has a latch that when released it sits nicely on the lower surface that has been placed in a horizontal position. This third orientation acts as a digital work surface as the main as well as secondary screen can be used as a digital desktop. It has a touch screen that will make numerous software driven interactions possible. So, organize files and dates in a stylish manner with the huge touch sensitive screen. Various tasks can be performed by positioning the main screen and top surface in different ways. It can be tweaked in a way that will position the screen at an angle varying from zero to 85 degrees. The screen can be operated either by using free hand or with the help of a stylus. The main screen can be further used for a different set of functions. Mantis comes fitted with LED lighting that illuminates the entire width of the workstation. The brightness can be further adjusted as per the whims of a user with the help of a switch that is touch sensitive.

Mantis Design Workstation can be used for making presentations and even during meetings. The product will save space while unfolding a lot of useful features clubbed in the same space.

Source: Artdes.Monash

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