Make home cooking safer with the Gauge Meat Thermometer

Bacteria present in uncooked or undercooked meat is one of the major cases of food poisoning and most cases of food related health emergencies are caused due to Campylobacter and Salmonella that are left behind when the meat is improperly cooked or undercooked. However, a very simple way to ensure that home cooked meals do not pose such risks is to use a meat thermometer every time. Since most meat thermometers currently available in the market are not as easy to use for the average home cook, health risks due to these bacteria can never be ruled out. However, the Gauge Meat Thermometer makes meat cooking at home very simple and intuitive even for the most inexperienced cook.

Gauge Meat Thermometer

The Gauge thermometer by designer Scott Thorne comes with an aluminum casing and does not feature any wiring that can melt while checking cooking meat. The thermometer has a 12pt print that is easy to read and even features a backlight so users do not need to strain their eyes trying to read the temperature on the display. The Gauge makes it simpler to view and remember temperatures which can be highly educational for amateur home cooks. The special octagonal and angled design of the thermometer is non-rolling and users do not have to worry about losing it in a pot of hot food over the stove.

Thanks to a flat blade, the thermometer can be easily cleaned after use which further reduces the risk of contamination. The sharp point thin spade tip of the thermometer does not tear the meat even after repeated use during a single cooking session and the cook can use it several times without ruining a cut of meat. Made with quick read predictive filter technology, the Gauge Meat Thermometer is perfect for people who would like to cook meat at home without risking food poisoning.

Source: Purdue

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