Light Monumentality to become the focal point of Seoul with its sense of lightness

Train stations are never looked upon as places that can be given an interesting touch, making them look like a piece of art. Clubbing the concept of monumentality in modern contemporary designing will be the all new Seoul international train station that will look nothing less than an architectural marvel. Light Monumentality, as it is named, will come smothered with lightness that will be evident from the visual perception and structural make up.

Light Monumentality

Seoul international train station will comprise of 2,549 rectangular columns that will measure 0.5m x 2m. These will be positioned in a gridded pattern and every individual column can be rotated flexibly, in turn bowing down to circulatory, programmatic and visual needs. These columns give way to continuity and urban porosity in the design. Private programs can be held inside these columns, while at the ground level these also act as public passages.

When individual columns are rotated it will give birth to an enclosure kind of feeling, which will open and limit views at the same time. The rotation of each column decided the program and vice versa, which means that both the program as well as columns act in response to each other. This will give an all new, eye appealing look to the train station, which will stand out because of the visibility that it will create because of the brilliant designing.

Via: Suckerpunch Daily

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