Lifebag is a discreet personal flotation device for water safety

While lifejackets or personal flotation devices are often bulky and uncomfortable to wear, Lifebag offers more acceptable and stylish way to be safe in water. Unlike conventional lifejackets, this one is multifunctional flotation device that comes in slim-fit design. The body hugging design keeps it closer to your body, while allowing your arms to move freely when you’re in water for play or stuck in an emergency situation. It is the coolest lifejacket design we’ve seen so far. But besides being a mere lifejacket, it also serves as a shoulder bag. How? Well, go through the full details about this handy product.


Lifebag  1

The personal flotation device (PFD) uses carbon dioxide for inflation, when ever the person jumps inside water for swimming or stuck due to some unwanted situation. The lifebag is a combination of lifejacket and shoulder bag, providing adequate functionality to the users in both routine as well as emergency situations. It is equipped with survival kit, waterproof cellphone case and life app to improve chances of safety. Moreover, due to its slim design layout it’s quite comfortable to wear, without any limitations in body movements – both before and after inflation.


The main characteristics of the device are cellphone case, survival kit and life app. The companion smartphone app allows the wearer to call for help whenever an emergency situation arises. This life jacket is designed to prevent vital organs of the wearer from cold water. This way there will be no heat loss from body, and the person could stay active till the time any help arrives. Furthermore, the device comes integrated with LED light and reflective tape. LED lights are for letting the wearer see the surroundings clearly at night, while the rescue team could also see the reflective tape from a distance to easily find the person wearing it.

Hence, lifebag is a flexible option to be prepared and alert in any emergency situation.

Source : Coroflot.Com

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