Library for surveying human senses has a crushed down oddball design

The story behind this edifice that looks like a gigantic icy crystalline structure which has been frozen solid in its craggy form does have a punch. Justin Rosenberry was really thinking out of the box when he got the proposal to convert an industrial shed into a public library. The challenge ahead was to create a library that focused on any of the five human senses and also to give a new found look to the old industrial shed.

Museum of Sound

The unique idea coined to meet the requirements of the proposal is definitely one of a kind. The structure designed applies the concept of space and architecture to explore one’s sense of hearing. To make this happen a bizarre design with choppy lines was devised. Dual sided acoustic paneling and insulation would be provided under the structure’s triangulated steel pipe enclosure. Sounds will be absorbed by the insulation and they will then be reflected and amplified.

All sounds, forces and vibrations from inside the structure will be magnified by the contact microphones fitted on the exterior of the shed. The library houses amenities like book shelves, computers, and other zones that focus on human senses. The library constructed with sound dampening materials in contrast will be tranquil and unperturbed. This stark contrast of noisy and quiet will help people understand what is happening around the structure.

This zigzag crumbly structure is just as eccentric on the inside. It holds stairs and even a seating area in its jerky folds. A lobby and restroom are also located inside the building. Its design is ethical as it reclaims and reuses an old shed that would have mostly been discarded. The crooked facade cleverly masks the smashed, dented and rusted bits of the old shed and makes it look brand new. The mammoth structure has a heady and gripping appeal and will leave an impression on all visitors.

[Cheers Justin]

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