Key helps clean shoe spike, ball and golf club

Dirty shoe, soiled club and muddy ball, you could find all these three in a combination only in a golf course. You would get arrangements to clean them in any golf course. But, hardly there is any single unit which is capable of cleaning all of them. Key unifies all those cleaning activities. It is an innovative, on the course golf equipment cleaner, capable of cleaning shoe spike, ball and of course clubs. It allows players to do cleaning themselves. Golf clubs can install one such cleaning set up near each hole.

KEY: Golf course equipment cleaner

With trash within the spike of the shoe, you can’t hold onto the surface very well, which affect stability of your stance. And one wrong teeing stance could be enough to spoil your day in competition. Clubs get dirty with soil and grass. Debris in the club head could result in weight imbalance and imperfect distribution of force across the club head and loft. Balls run around the course and gather dirt on them. Mud or dirt on the dimples (characteristics of golf ball) results in uneven and uncontrolled swings. But, Key helps clean all the three problems.

Key does lot many works to maintain the golf course:

1. It cleans shoe, club head and ball independently.

2. More than one player can use it.

3. Hands don’t get dirty.

4. It can be installed as ready to use unit.

5. Helps players to perform well.

How key works?

Crucial fact behind the successful design of KEY is that it has found out three specific cleaning mechanisms, each for ball, club and shoe spike, and combined them in a single aesthetically beautiful structure.

1. Ball is cleaned in the top most compartment. The square shaped compartment houses cleaning brush, ball mover and a ball driving lever. Once you push the dirty ball down through a hole inside the cleaning box it pass through the cleaning brush. You just have to drive the lever down to get the ball.

2. Next job is to clean the club head. KEY has provision of a tap with water supply line. To clean the debris on the club head, hold it under the open tap. Flowing water would wash away dirt and debris. After that lift the upper compartment with the handle; you would find the brush to wipe out the water on the club.

3. Last mission is cleaning the shoe spikes. KEY has surface full of shoe cleaning bristles on the lower part of the body. To remove trash from the spikes just scrub the spiked surface on the bristles.

So, wish you a very happy dirt free teeing!

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