Jyunpai to humidify and beautify your interiors at once

Market is full of useful appliances and gadgets but only few such gadgets incorporate an aesthetic sensibility to stir up your emotions. Asa Hirasawa, an arts student of Kyoto City University in Japan has come up with an aesthetically appealing funnel shaped humidifier christened as “Jyunpai.” The beauty of this humidifier lies in its sculptural design that goes against the typical evaporation style humidifiers common in very household.

Jyunpai humidifier

This elegant humidifier features a wooden outer shell and has two components, one where water is poured and other that forms the covering of the humidifier. The process of using this humidifier is very easy. You just have to pour water into the lower part of the humidifier, place upper covering over it and close it.

To make it function you have to press the button provided at the base of the wooden shell. The dimensions of the humidifier are 380 x 380 x 150mm. The beauty of the product lies in the fact that it tries to capture the delicate change when water gets converted into gas during evaporation process. The simple and elegant design not only improves the quality of your home’s air but also adds charm to the interiors.

Via: Designboom

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