Is the book really judged by its cover?

The quality of cover design today is head and shoulders above what it was just a few years ago. A great cover can help the reader instantly recognize that this book is for them.


Benefits of Best Book Cover Design

Cover design is crucial. Though we have been told since childhood not to judge a book by its cover, your cover forms the reader’s first impression of the book’s content and your writing style. A successful front cover attracts a browser’s attention, while back cover content assures the reader a book is worth investing time and money in the literary journey. Your cover design is the front line of advertising for your book, a key marketing tool to sell your product. If you can imagine your book as a Hollywood movie, think of your front cover as a movie poster and the back cover as the 30-second preview. Your front cover should attract attention and leave your viewers wanting more. The back cover content should compel your audience to invest in the experience your book has to offer.


If a great design has gut-level emotional appeal and the power to entice readers, a poorly designed cover can be a real turn-off. Your book will only have seconds to attract a browsing reader’s attention. An engaging cover ensures readers take a second look at your product. Consumers first gauge books based on their visual appeal, so a well-designed cover appears to have more value for a consumer. If you plan to sell your book at a price competing with bestselling authors, your cover must be able to compete. Your book’s cover design is usually a potential reader’s first interaction with your content and writing style. A well-crafted cover will expose readers to your story and pique their interest in your book.  In just a few minutes, readers will shape an opinion of your story and writing based on the content of your cover. Make sure your book puts its best foot forward with a well-designed cover. An outstanding cover may also attract the attention of retail merchandising managers.   A great cover combined with great reader reviews is a killer combination.


With self-publishing settling into the mainstream, the authors need to face fierce competition. Even the finest books boast strong, well-written stories to rise to the top, to gain traction with readers, even the best book needs a dynamic cover.

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