Interioricity is a smart table lamp combined with an extension chord

Wiring systems that stay out of sight are a must for swanky homes. Cables and lines running loose around the house look chaotic and messy. Hence, most designers conceal them to give your pad a suave look. But this amazing design does the exact opposite and still manages to look neat and clean. In fact, it gives the whole wiring system a makeover and the resulting piece looks cutting edge and showy.


The contraption essentially consists of three cables. You can create different arrangements using these cables. A setup using only one wire can be built or you can merge two or even three of them together. When three cables are combined together at a joint, you will have created a neat tripod stand. This tripod lamp can be placed easily on any flat surface like a desk or table.

Various supplies can be attached to these cables. You can fix a plug or even a light piece at the end of the cable. The plug attached can be used to charge electronic appliances like phones, laptops and tablets. While, the light connected to the cable is also very useful as it stays flexible. Unlike other light pieces that stay fixed, this lamp will throw radiance on the exact spot you need. So, whether you are reading out of a book or looking at the computer screen, the display surface will stay adequately illuminated.

The lamp can be configured in different ways. This way you can give a new look to any nook or corner using the same piece. Also, you can mold it to suit your working environment. Suppose you are writing on a desk, then you can place the tripod stand with a light right above the notebook. Also, if you are leaning back on a chair and reading something, then you can suspend the light from a single cable and make it dangle right over your book.

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